One important issue for sustainability is the source of energy used globally as well as locally.  Alternative cleaner energy sources not only create more jobs, but more of those jobs are local jobs. For our coastside, use of local solar and local wind (and perhaps someday hydro/tidal) represents local jobs as well as local energy that we could take concrete steps to make feasible. 

(Picture from Sierra Club magazine "Sierra", Nov/Dec 2012 issue)



A  few years back a neighbor asked us to help out on a solar home tour. For the next three years we helped with the coastside's solar home tour and in 2011 hosted the Eco-Energy Expo here on the coast.  Archives of those events will be on this web page, as will posting of our own efforts to reduce our footprint and live sustainably. As individuals we do not have all the answers, but together we will find them. We have to.